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Step 2


Create Plan


Based on your projects needs HandyOnDemand professionals develop a plan, create a budget estimate that outlines the project scope and expectations, and communicates this to the customer. in easy to understand language and project descriptions

For smaller projects we have 'package pricing' with a 4 hour minimum @ $396.00 + taxes. Additional hours are $99/hr. with discounts for week long engagements, all easily payable by credit card or e-transfer.


For large multi-week projects we will provide project estimates and plans that will include materials handling, permits, and other expenses along with payment terms. Due to the nature of unknowns when working on existing builds we provide estimates, but due to issues that were unforeseen, changing conditions or customer upgrades during a project we do not provide fixed cost quotes. We will always do our best to keep project costs in-check and on time.

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