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Virtual Consults

Virtual Meeting



Virtual real-time ZOOM consultations are provided at $99.00/hour billed in 15 minute increments. First 15 minutes free, first hour waived if we get your work!


No app install required as we use a browser session on your smartphone to chat about project parameters and expectations via a simple to use Google Meet link we text to your phone.

During the first 15 minutes of the video chat our professionals evaluate the situation in real-time. We discuss if there are parts of the repair that you can do yourself (DIY) with a little coaching and guidance. If you're not a DIY type we can estimate the repair for you.


Please note we have a 4 hour on-site minimum commitment but if your main job wont use up that time we can conquer any other items on your to-do lists while on-site


If you are at the start of a significant project, remodel or renovation project , HandyOnDemand 'virtual consultations' can help kick-start your project and get you started in the right direction

We can create, design, plan, price and create a work schedule based on a series of calls or site visits. Working together complete your projects as planned and budgeted  as one job or phased project over time.

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